How Do I Find Calgary Foreclosures?

Investing in Calgary foreclosures is one of the best ways to make money right now. The current slowdown in the economy has forced many homeowners to have their repossessed by the banks, and these foreclosed homes are inexpensive to purchase and can be sold when the market is good for a nice profit.

Successfully obtaining a reliable list of foreclosure homes in Calgary can be challenging. Most investors earn the bulk of their income by buying affordable homes and selling them later.

Here are some recommended places to start your search:

Calgary Foreclosures

Calgary House Prices Some Reliable Instructions for Average Income People to Buy Affordable Calgary Homes For Sale

Finding and buying homes in Calgary has been a big challenge for people having limited sources of income and less saving. So, they always hunt for the best listings of the homes in Calgary for sale that range within their budget. Now, you have no need to search more, because has become a big real estate firm in the city with its matchless services and fabulous homes at record lower prices with compare to other companies in same market. Usually, you will get,
? Free testimonials
? Real Estate Market Statistics
? Price finder
? Free MLS Calgary system access
? Buying and selling guide
? Comparative market analysis
? Guaranty on your investment in real estate business
? Best homes for your family
? Legal and professional services through written stamp papers etc.
1) Evaluate Your Needs of Homes:
When you are planning to buy the homes in Calgary’s bets locations, then first you should count your savings totally that will let you know perfectly whether you are in a position to buy home or still not. This factor will also make you aware of the area of the home, construction and other fundamentals and confirm whether you can afford it or less than it. Hence, evaluating home needs is the first step you should do with accordance to available budget or capital. You can also take proper help from Calgary Real Estate firms to evaluate the house values and then tally these prices with your reserved budget.
2) Visit Real Estate Market Statistics:
Today, rational home buyers do not be panic when going to buy the houses for their families in luxurious locations of Calgary. They always set a format or outline to move ahead. First of all, they are suggested by top real estate agents and firms to go through the market statistics that will definitely let them know value of property in specific areas. Such statistics and unbiased data are helpful to evaluate the market value of Houses For Sale In Calgary. So, you will never get deceived by any real estate agent or direct home seller if you have comprehensive data and calculation of the house prices.
3) Collect Data and Set Your Budget:
When you have assembled MLS Listings Calgary and the data of homes for sale, then you should set your budget that should be close to the average prices of houses in Calgary. In fact, when you are willing to buy the homes in posh areas and best locations, then definitely you will have to pay much. But, if you choose the average places or areas in the city for living, then you can buy homes with luxuries and life durables at the prices you can easily afford.
4) Hire and Go Ahead:
Today, MLS Real Estate Calgary system makes everyone in the city aware of market prices of homes they are willing to buy and the future rates of such real property. You should hire rational and professional services of for finding and buying houses which you have been dreaming for a long time. Customers can also visit official site of this real estate firm and find available listings of the houses in specific price range just by entering location, budget and home specs.

Find more information relating to MLS Calgary, and Calgary Real Estate here.

At first I couldn’t believe my own eyes when I saw the results of the latest real estate research that I have just completed. What I will share with you here will really shock you and it will definitely make you wonder why nobody is telling you this.

Okay, here is what I had stumbled upon. The whole global economy has been going though recession for the last few years, and Calgary received its share for sure of loosing jobs, decreasing real estate prices, etc…

In 2010 and recently I have been in conversation with many homeowners who happened to buy a property on the peak of our most recent real estate boon in Calgary. The challenge they are facing now is that they would like to sell their property. Because house prices have declined since, they can’t afford to sell or in many cases they have to bring cash to the table. At the end of the day in almost all cases they have told me that they will just wait for the market to go up again then sell.

This thought just wasn’t making sense for me because what is going to cause the housing market to rapidly take off again? There seems to be more foreclosures on the market than ever before, interest rates are on the rise (we have to start paying for the “bail-out” incentives at point), plus the government is toughening up on the mortgage qualification rules.

But let’s be the Devil’s Advocate here for a moment. Let’s assume that the home owner will wait because that is what their intuition is telling them to do. The big question is, how long will they have to wait for? The answer will depend on many variables, but realistically speaking we can probably reflect on history and see if we can draw a lesson from there.

Calgary’s last noticeable real estate boom came to a peak in 1981 and that that yearr the average price of real estate was $ 107,878 and for the next four years it kept on dropping and didn’t stop until it lost about 25% in value. In 1985 the average sold price of a home bottomed out at $ 80,183. If we stop our calculations here it’s already bad enough with loosing 25% of our investment dollars. Do you agree?

The truth is that money has a dirty little secret that nobody pays attention to. It’s called inflation. Imagine that you have a bucket with a hole on the bottom of it that is full of cash and the money in it keeps flowing out at the rate of inflation. It doesn’t matter how much you put in at the top, you can never plug the hole.

Let’s say that you agreed to sell your property in 1985 for $ 80,183 at a loss of 25%. The problem is that now the value of your $ 80,183 also decreased by 31.56% over the 4 years. The reality is that you have lost 25% + 31.56% = 56.56% in just 4 years. Crazy isn’t?

In other words, if you would have just invested your cash ($ 107,878) in 1981 into a basic investment account like a GIC today then you would have accumulated a saving of $ 141,920 by 1985.

The fact is that the $ 141,920 in 1985 equals to $ 107,878 when compared to 1981 or (and here comes the shocking part) if you would wanted to break even with you real estate investment after 4 years then you would have needed to sell for $ 141,920 to have the same value of money on hand. The truth is that your actualized loss equals to 56.56% or $ 61,737 if you purchased on the top and sold at the bottom.

What is the lesson here?

The moral of my research is that if you bought a piece of property in 1981 and you listened to your feelings in contrast to knowing how money actually works, then you would have been waiting for 24 years before your investment broke even. It’s not a typo, it took until 2005 for real estate prices in Calgary to return to 1981 levels after factoring in inflation.

According to many experts, our current recession is much more severe than the one we experienced in the 1980’s. Perhaps on a severity scale, it’s next in line after the great depression of the 1930’s. Will it take another 24 years or maybe even more for prices to recover? Have prices began rising or are they further dropping? The honest answer to that is we just have to wait and see and make our best predictions on the past.

Now that you have the facts, is it really worth it to take the risk to wait or it might be time to move on with your life and live your future? Just to clarify and not be mistaken, I am not suggesting that real estate prices will either fall or rise. All I am trying to shine the light on is that you need to have an open perspective and make your decisions by rationalizing the facts against all speculation and emotional thinking.

Make sure to leave a comment below of your thoughts and questions.

For information about the Calgary real estate market, visit an excellent resource for Calgary homes for sale.

Calgary Houses CanAsian Dance presents KickStart: Choreographers Pushing Boundaries

CanAsian Dance presents KickStart: Choreographers Pushing Boundaries
CanAsian Dance presents KickStart: Choreographers Pushing Boundaries New commissions by three of Canada's rising choreographers, each supported by mentorship from acclaimed dance and theatre artists. Yvonne Ng, Toronto (dramaturg Ginelle Chagnon, Montreal) Atri Nundy, Toronto (dramaturg Christopher House, Toronto) Richard Lee Hsi, Edmonton (dramaturg Eric Rose, Calgary) Note:  This performance contains nudity and adult language.
starting on 2017-02-23 20:00:00

The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
80 Winchester Street
CanadaDaddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball 2017 Calgary
Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess. There's a beautiful wonder in our little girls, and for a short time, when they're small, they believe in magic and miracles and happily ever after.  They believe in adventures and fun and friendship.  They believe in dancing the night away. They know they are beautiful. They know they are strong. They know they are loved. They know they are princesses. This year, we invite you to let your little girl be her own princess at Daddy's Little Sweetheart Ball! We invite you to have Daddy waiting for her at the bottom of the stairs; dressed in his best, her very own Prince Charming, waiting to whisk her away for her own night of fairy tales come true.  We invite you to give your little girl the gift of the first dance, and every dance, with her daddy.  We invite you to create memories that will last a lifetime, for both her and her daddy.  Her magical night includes a father/daughter DJ dance, dinner, face painting, ice cream sundae buffet, crafts, photo booth, balloon art, special Princess guests, and special keepsake photo opportunities with a magical carriage! Terms, Conditions and FAQs Please read carefully before purchasing.  May I buy tickets for people other than myself? Yes.  We will need the full name for every guest attending and a contact email address for them. How do I request seating arrangements? All seating is assigned at The Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball. Please purchase your tickets together if you would like to sit together. If you are unable to do this, please email Sharon Francis at and request a seating arrangement. Please note that while we will work to accommodate your request, depending on circumstances, seating requests are not guaranteed. However, adults and the children in the party will never be separated. Seating is in rounds of 10.  Is my ticket transferrable? Tickets may be able to be transferred to another name upon request. Please contact Sharon Francis at with your name and details of the request. While we will work to accommodate your request, please note that, depending on circumstances and timing, transfer requests are not guaranteed. What is the refund policy? Every ticket for The Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball is non-refundable. However, tickets may be able to be transferred to another name, upon request. While we will work to accommodate your request, please note that, depending on circumstances and timing, transfer requests are not guaranteed. What time does the event start? Our doors open at 4.30pm, and our program begins at 5pm.  Is the event suitable for children and infants? Yes! The Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball is designed for children, and is a child friendly charity gala event. All ages are welcome to attend, however we do recommend children ages 3-15 years old. All children and / or infants must be accompanied by a responsible adult. A responsible adult is a person who has reached the age of 18. All children and / or infants must be adequately supervised.  Do I have to bring my ticket? Yes, please ensure that you bring the printed ticket from for each member of your party from when you purchased tickets for the event.  What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? Ample free parking is available at The Carriage House Inn. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? You may contact The Rainbow Society’s Fund Development Manager, Sharon Francis at 403-252-3891 or with any questions.  Note About Media at The Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball. By attending The Daddy’s Little Sweetheart Ball, all guests hereby consent to and authorize the use and reproduction by our photographers of any and all photography and/or videography that has been taken of guests this day for any purpose, without compensation to you.  All digital image and/or video files are wholly owned by the Ball photographers, who reserves the right to use these images and/or video for publication. If you wish to be excluded from the above mentioned use of your image it is your responsibility to make yourself known to any and all of the photographers on site to inform them of your wish.
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Holiday Inn (Hunter Room)
4206 Macleod Trail South
4206 Macleod Trail SouthCalgary, AB T2G 2R7 Calgary

Calgary Housing A Design Breakfast with House of Mirrors

A Design Breakfast with House of Mirrors
During this 1 hour free event, meet and mingle with the House Of Mirrors team while indulging in a light breakfast. Coffee, tea, and juice will also be provided. We're going to be sharing a short video presentation along with an introduction to the new and exciting product lines we have to offer. After that, we'll be taking you on your very own tour of our workshop where you will have the chance to ask us anything! New glass and mirror innovations are happening every day around the world and we would like to take the opportunity to start sharing these ideas with you. Starting in October, House of Mirrors is offering you an opportunity to gain a better understanding of this fascinating industry by joining us for these events. Calgary is home to some of the best creative minds countrywide and this pause in our economy is the ideal time to empower yourselves with fresh new ideas and concepts. We look forward to seeing you there!
starting on 2017-02-23 10:30:00

House of Mirrors and Glass
5555 2 Street Southeast
CanadaThe Fifth Reel Presents: THE BREAKFAST CLUB feat. THE RINGWALDS
Don't you forget about The Fifth Reel…. Last month's event was nuts so we're gonna keep the good times rolling this month with the John Hughes' classic THE BREAKFAST CLUB “They were five total strangers, with nothing in common, meeting for the first time. A brain, a beauty, a jock, a rebel and a recluse. Before the day was over, they broke the rules. Bared their souls. And touched each other in a way they never dreamed possible.” And all that hokey crap. Let's have some beers and relive high school together! Preshow music feat THE RINGWALDS: Loud, fast punk rock that will give you a thirst!! Hosting for the evening will be the always hilarious, never a dull moment, THE KINKONAUTS! Prepare to be dazzled by their hilarious antics and mind bending challenges. Past highlights include human-proton-pack ghost hunting, Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation contests, and life sized rock em sock em robots. One can only guess what they have up their sleeve this time. As with all Fifth Reel events we will also have beer for sale in the lobby which you'll be able to enjoy in the theatre while you watch the movie!!!! 18+/NO MINORS Band plays at 10:00Movie starts around 10:45 18+/NO MINORS $9 Early Bird tickets if you order before February 10th!$10 for members of The Fifth Reel/Calgary Underground Film Festival/UofC Film Society$15 for non-members (Free Fifth Reel memberships will be available inside the theatre for those who want to become members for next time) FIFTH REEL HOUSE RULES:Audience participation and dressing up is always encouraged. Yelling, cheering, jeering, quote a long. are all also highly encouraged. Past screenings have been as loud and as rowdy as the last house party you've been to. The Fifth Reel is an interactive movie going experience, the audience makes the fun. If you expect to sit on your hands in silence for two hours then this might not be for you…
starting on 2017-02-24 22:00:00

The Plaza Theatre
1133 Kensington Rd

Calgary Housing Market Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2017 with Doug Lacombe

Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2017 with Doug Lacombe
Calgary Executives Association is pleased to have Doug Lacombe as our guest speaker for our Open House breakfast on Wednesday, February 15th. We invite you to join us.
Doug Lacombe is the founder and president of Communicatto and has over 20 years experience in media (newspapers), web publishing, software, telecom (wireless data and voice), and social media.
Are you curious about what the future holds for Digital Marketing?
What do you think the key trends will be?
Machine Learning?
Join us on February 15th to find out Doug's perspective.
This event is open to anyone who is interested in learning more about the Calgary Executives Association.
Here is a teaser from Doug.
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Elks Golf Course
2502 6 Street Northeast
T2E 3Z3 Calgary
Canada[Calgary] 3D Printing Open House Event
Join us for a complimentary 3D Printing Open House Event: Tuesday, March 7th 2017, from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM in Calgary, AB. Why Attend Join us for an open house event at Javelin's Calgary, AB office as our 3D Printing and SOLIDWORKS experts present the latest technologies and applications for 3D Printing and SOLIDWORKS software. This open house event will contain two sessions – 3D Printing 101 in the morning and 3D Printing 201 in the afternoon. Feel free to join us for one or both! Lunch and beverages will be provided.   Event Agenda Morning Session10:30 AM: SOLIDWORKS Presentation: Best Practices for Producing Designs for Additive Manufacturing I11:00 AM: 3D Printing 101 – Technologies overview, The benefits of rapid prototyping in the design process, What are people really using 3D printing for?12:00 AM: 3D Printing Lab Tour 12:30 PM: Lunch & Networking – For attendees of both sessionsAfternoon Session1:30 PM: 3D Printing 201 – Advanced applications for additive manufacturing, Use cases with examples, Benefits to manufacturing and downstream processes2:30 PM: SOLIDWORKS Presentation: Best Practices for Producing Designs for Additive Manufacturing II Presenters Adam Stegeman – Senior Application Engineer, Stratasys Adam Stegeman is a Senior Application Engineer with Stratasys and has held various other technical roles since 2006.  He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering before entering the manufacturing scene as an application engineer designing and developing high reliability custom cables. During this time he was instrumental in launching the first product in a new manufacturing complex abroad. He has developed cables used by many of the top companies in the medical, military, aerospace, and defense industries.  It was here he was first exposed to the world of additive manufacturing used for rapid prototyping. At Stratasys his primary role has been to enable the sales channel by providing technical applications support during the pre-sale process. Adam has worked with a numerous companies developing and implementing additive manufacturing solutions. Joe Vetere – Account Manager, 3D Printing  Joe Vetere is Western Canada's Account Manager for Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing at Javelin, who is known across Canada as a trust 3D Technology partner. Joe's experience with Stratasys, the world leader in 3D printing technology, has lead him to embrace roles which include Customer Support Management, Product Marketing and Business Development across Western Canada. His broad range of experience in the 3D Printing industry has made him a key contributor to accelerating the adoption of Additive Manufacturing technology throughout the Western Canadian market. Vicky Guignard – SolidWorks Application Expert  Vicky has 4 years of CAD design and R&D experience, working across many different industries from Clean Solar Energy, Steel Structures, Machine Designs, Elevator Designs, and Transformers. Vicky has the skills to design just about anything. Vicky specializes in 2D to 3D conversion, Mechanism Design, Weldments, Sheet Metal and Design Reuse & Automation.
starting on 2017-03-07 10:00:00

Javelin Technologies
3030 Sunridge Way NE , Unit #9

Calgary Housing Partners with the Students’ Union, University of Calgary to Provide Off-Campus Housing Solutions

The Students’ Union, University of Calgary has partnered with, the company specializing in providing academic institutions with off-campus housing solutions. is introducing a new and improved off-campus housing service for students, landlords and members of the University of Calgary community. will simplify the process for University of Calgary students to search for off-campus housing accommodations near the university’s campus. All student services are FREE, including rental property searches, student sublet postings and roommate profile listings. Students can conveniently view up-to-date rental property listings and/or search for roommates online, 24/7. It’s very simple to use!

Landlords and property managers can utilize to advertise their rental properties directly to the University of Calgary community. There are many benefits for property owners, including competitive advertising rates, a user-friendly system, tracking of results, a safe and secure website, detailed listings to describe each property, live customer support (toll-free) and much more! Banner ads are also available for companies who wish to promote their services to students.

Rental property listings include a map showing the property’s proximity to the university, amenity icons showcasing what is available with the rental, up to 24 property photos, floor plans, leasing details, plus a lengthy description field. Students can utilize the Quick or Smart Search functions which enable them to filter listings by newly posted, rental rate, type of accommodation, lease period, occupancy date and preferred features.

“The SU is excited to be partnering with for our off-campus housing service. We’re committed to ensuring that students have ready access to a healthy supply of affordable and safe housing in Calgary. We’re confident that shares this commitment and will make the search for housing an easier and more seamless experience for University of Calgary students and the landlords who want to rent to them,” says Jonah Ardiel, the SU’s VP Student Life.

For more information, please contact 1-866-766-0767 or visit the SU, University of Calgary Housing webpage at

– 30 –
About is the comprehensive Off-Campus Housing Service that works in conjunction with academic institutions and student organizations to provide off-campus housing solutions for students. Over 100 college and university campuses throughout North America have partnered with this resourceful website since 2003. During the last 10 years, has helped over 67,500 landlords and property managers advertise their rental vacancies to students, alumni and faculty successfully. Their team is dedicated to helping students find a home away from home!

Media Contact:
Laurie Snure, Marketing & Operations Manager – or 1-866-766-0767 ext. 102

Calgary Real Estate The Different Aspects Of Real Estate Trade Covered By A Calgary Real Estate Lawyer

A real estate business is one of the most demanding trades in the world. With the variety of legalities found under the banner, there is always a need to seek legal help. While you are in Calgary AB, you will surely have a lot of concerns with regards to real property. This is the reason why you must seek the help of a Calgary real estate lawyer. Legal fees are actually calculated depending on the type of help extended by your chosen professional. To some extent, it may also be based on the following transactions.

Buying real estate property. This is precisely one of the reasons why you will need help from a Calgary real estate lawyer. Sometimes, you may never know what is happening behind a transaction and how you may deal with it legally. To protect your rights as a buyer of a property situated in Calgary AB, make it a point to know the things you must undertake to avoid default on the part of the seller. In such a case, you must also be guided on how you may course things through legal actions. Make this a venue for you to know more about real property scenarios.

Selling real estate property. This is also a very obvious transaction in the real estate world. Make sure you have gained an ample knowledge on this subject if you are to sell your property in Calgary AB. If not, you should always seek the help of a Calgary real estate lawyer. In such a way, you will be ensured that you are marketing your goods without evading from the rules of the trade. Make this also a venue for you to increase your knowledge on the real property business arena. Nobody knows when you may sell another property in the future.

Acquiring a property through an estate or a will. As a resident of Calgary AB, your ancestors or parents may pass down the property to you through the aid of a will and testament. A will is always needed in order for you to face people who will question your ownership of the property. Sometimes, people will always find ways to get your property just for the sake of envy or anger. Seek help from a Calgary real estate lawyer for this matter to help you with your plight. Do not wait until such time that the legal battle becomes even more difficult on your part.

These are basically the three things that will come your way if you own, will be owning or is presently owning a real property in Calgary AB. You should see to it that you will have some help from a reputable Calgary real estate lawyer to ensure that the benefits will go for your better end. Sometimes, you may never know what will come your way when it comes to owning and disposing real properties. Legalities are often too difficult to face if you do not have enough background. You will not be able to raise your point unless you are given the legal basis.

Doing a real estate transaction with a new city such as Calgary AB? Locate a Calgary real estate lawyer to help you with your business.

Calgary is the largest city of the province Alberta. It is a growing city with diverse demographics settling in from different parts of the world. Since 2006, there has been an evident increase in the population of this city. Calgary thrives on eco -tourism in addition to booming petroleum industry, IT industry and agriculture. Naturally, the demand for Calgary real estate has gained momentum at a break- neck speed.
MLS real estate Calgary is starting to show the signs of revival from an economic slump by offering a range of options like condos, flats and bungalows etc. For example, MLS Calgary observes that there is sharp difference in the number of homes sold in the previous year versus the current year.
In the category of single family homes, there is a 9 % increase this year in house for sale in Calgary. Similarly, 25% more condos were sold as compared to condos for sale in Calgary in the year last year.
The prices of Calgary real estate largely depends upon their accessibility as well as their location. Some of the most popular residential localities in Calgary include:
* Calgary Hawkwood
* Elbow Park
* Rosedale
* Bowness
* Glendale
* Parkdale
* Evergreen
* Mount pleasant
It is always good to take the advice of an experienced and expert Calgary real estate adviser as it would better help you to select the right place at the right price. An expert consultant can provide you the facility of thorough market check before any deal of Calgary real estate and guide you well for property transactions. They are considered as the best and the most authentic source in order to provide a background check on some particular property. They also provide the fruitful suggestions as to what are the different factors that one should keep in mind at the time of buying Calgary home for sale and other property etc. According to the experts of this field, this is an excellent sign of reviving the Calgary real estate. So it is the best time to book your Calgary home now and enjoy multiple benefits from the deal.
There are many experienced real estate companies known as the best realtors in Calgary. They are used to providing customized real estate services to their clients. You can also check the rates, accessibility and affordability of the required area where you want to get your home.

Find more information relating to MLS Calgary, and Calgary Real Estate here.

Calgary Houses Calgary Houses for Sale – Know Your Options, Price Trend & Role of a Real Estate Agent

Calgary, with a huge population of more than 1.06 million is the biggest city in Alberta Province, Canada. The city occupies Grassland region of the state and is famous for its winter sports and ecotourism promotion. Its economy thrives on booming petroleum industry. Stupendous economic growth has helped the city find a good ranking in the Mercer Quality of Living Survey for three years (2006-08) at a row. These factors have stepped up the prices of Calgary houses for sale.
According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Calgary is one of the best cities around the globe for living and this explains why people are getting crazy to buy houses here. Increasing demand is a believable reason to have shored up the house prices by a few notches. There are literally plenty of options for those struggling to find out a house that meets their exact requirements subjected to their budget constraint. You get a choice to select from an apartment, a single-family home or even a condo.
Role of a Real Estate Agent
The real estate contractors advertise about the new projects. The second hand flats and apartments are also on sale. Newspaper and internet are great sources to learn such information. Total area space, price (often at per sq. ft rate) as well as contact details are also given in the advertisements. Alternatively you can engage a reliable Calgary Alberta real estate agent instead of searching for houses on your own.
The agent usually demands a percentage of the house price as their payment for successful negotiation. If you think that it will push up your expenses, comforting news is successful negotiation will convince the sellers or promoter to cut the price down to a more affordable level.
Calgary Real Estate Market – Current Scenario
Despite the worldwide slump in real estate business, Calgary property market managed to stand strong. The fact that it has successfully withstood economic crisis is evident from increasing sales of residential properties. According to a survey, the houses for sale in Calgary Alberta have registered an overwhelming rise over the last couples of years.
An important piece of Information should not escape the scope of this article that over the last few years, prices of both condos and single family homes in Calgary surprisingly took a nosedive.
Price Trend in Calgary Real Estate Market
Price trend in Calgary real estate market shows that property prices in Metro area have increased by leaps and bounds since 2008. There are reasons to believe that this price trend will continue but not along a linear line, rather at an accelerating rate. is a reliable and reputed online real estate agency that helps the prospective buyers find a house according to their exact requirements. If you want to Buy Residential Property In Calgary and need help of an agent, visit their website.

The population continues to grow in the wealthy city of Calgary. Now is a great time to make that move you’ve been planning to Alberta, Canada. The market has many attractive and affordable Calgary houses for sale.

Calgary is well known for its winter sports and mountain resorts. It boasts a low unemployment rate and a wide variety of jobs in the petroleum, agriculture, tourism, and high-tech industries.

When searching for a home, some potential buyers toss around the idea of buying a home privately from an owner rather than using a real estate agent. Buying a home without an agent has its risks. A realtor will protect you from these risks. Your agent has experience and knowledge that will prevent you from making expensive mistakes.

Every home buyer should know the truth about some common myths concerning FSBO (for sale by owner) properties.

Myth 1. Realtors Only Sell Listed Properties

Many home shoppers are under the assumption that a realtor will only show you properties in the multi listings. The truth is that a good realtor wants to help you locate a home that meets your needs.

Just because the home you want is being sold privately doesn’t preclude an agent from working with you. Your realtor will seek to negotiate the best possible price and make sure you are protected contractually.

Private owners want to profit from the sale, but most will cut the price some to move the property. Your agent can negotiate a sales commission and bottom line that is based on current market values.

Myth 2. Private Sellers Will Not Accept Realtor Offers

You may assume that a private owner has something against using an agent. If a person really wants to sell their property, they will consider an offer from any qualified party, even if presented by a realtor.

If a property is not in the MLS, only about 10% of home shoppers will see it. This means that the seller may be waiting a long time to move their house. Paying a commission might not seem so bad to the seller, if it means finally cutting a deal.

The private home seller is probably not experienced in the selling and buying of property. The use of an agent is a benefit to him/her, as well. The realtor makes sure everything is on the up and up and handled properly. The agent, in the ultimate end, protects both parties.

Myth 3. You Have to Pay the Realtor at the Beginning

Many potential home buyers are concerned they will have to pay out money up front to engage the services of a real estate agent. Bypassing an agent to go directly to the owner never guarantees savings.

No money exchanges hands with a realtor up front. The realtor does not even get paid if the sale does not take place. The agent’s commission is paid to them at the time of the loan closing, and its source is from the proceeds of the sale itself.

Myth 4. A Private Seller Is Easily Negotiable

A private seller is already trying to save money by avoiding a real estate commission. The seller is already missing a huge percentage of the buyer market just to avoid paying a commission.

A private seller is already avoiding an agent to save a commission expense. Most likely he/she is not open to negotiations on the price.

Your agent knows a lot about the true market value of property. Your realtor’s expertise in the business will protect you from making major mistakes in the purchase. You might not “save” as much using an agent, but you can rest assured that you cover all the bases.

Myths 1-4. Now You Know The Truth

You should feel much better about the value of a real estate agent after learning the truth about a few of these FSBO myths. If you purchase a home through an agent, you can rest assured that proper documents will be obtained, such as a property disclosure statement.

A contract with a private seller might be outdated and not cover current real estate law. The owner may be totally unaware the contract he/she has is unacceptable. An agent can guide you in your investment because he/she knows what the home is truly worth.

A “for sale by owner” listing is still a possibility when searching for Calgary houses for sale. Your home buying experience will be greatly improved and risk-free if you use a realtor, even in a private sale purchase.

In Calgary Tom Sherry serves as one of the top real-estate agents. You learn more about buying Calgary houses for sale. Do it right search listings and book a viewing at

Calgary Home Prices Animal Communicator Two Day Psychic Workshop At Licensed Psychic School

Animal Communicator Two Day Psychic Workshop At Licensed Psychic School
Ever want to talk to animals, I mean really talk to your animals?  Do you love animals?  Do you have a connection with them and really want to know what they are thinking or help them when they are in pain or scared?  What if you could learn to communicate with them for real?  What if you could learn how to telepathically "talk" to animals?  Interested? This is a two day workshop right here in Calgary at a licensed Psychic School and a certificate is issued. Day one is learning about telepathy and practicing sending and receiving messages.  You will also discover what your psychic type is to learn what your strengths are and where you could use some extra practice.  Learn some animal behaviour to tell stress, pain, joy, sickness and contentment and how to use crystals to help. You will meet your own animal spirit guide through a group hypnotherapy session and learn how to prepare yourself and the animal for the session.  Each student will get a choice of a crystal perscription kit to take home and start practicing with  Separation anxiety Training Sore Joints Abuse Day two we will meet at the Calgary ZOO even if its cold…..let's hope warm but not too hot.  The price of admission is included with your workshop fee plus on Sunday we will meet for an amazing breakfeast buffet at the Zoo.  We will spend the whole day with the animals interacting with them.   We are just normal guests and I have no special privileges so dont think we will be petting tigers lol. Learn different body language of animals tails to tell what they are thinking.   Do you know that a tail can tell so much about what an animal is trying to communicate?   We will have brunch together to discuss questions about the day before and watch your teacher communicate with a Gorilla.  You will then be given a journal and a list of questions to explore the zoo on your own and test your new skills.  You will be given your instructors texting rights so you can ask questions any time you get stuck.   At the end of the day we will meet again to share our stories. This is open to all experience levels.   This is a level one certificate level and certificates will be issued to congratulate you and show your dedication to your connection and love towards animals.
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Canada3D Modeling Weekend Workshop – Calgary
Learn the skills to create professional 3D models with our Introductory 3D Modeling Workshop. Join us for an accelerated weekend course on using the industry's best tools Autodesk Maya 2016 and Substance Painter 2 hosted by the Academy of VR in the University of Calgary's ICT Building – Room 121. No previous 3D modeling experience is required. Friday (February 17th) 7:00pm – 9:00pmSaturday-Sunday (February 18th and 19th) 9:00am – 5:00pm  Register with the code "OCULUSYYC" and we will enter you into a draw for a free Oculus Rift VR headset valued at $1100! Simply click 'Enter Promotional Code' at the time of checkout.  What you get with the workshop: 2 full days of hands on 3D modeling training Access to expert 3D modeling instructors Unlimited opportunity to play virtual reality games and demo’s on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive A free Google Cardboard VR headset A catered dinner Saturday evening plus various snacks throughout the weekend  What you'll learn: Introduction to Autodesk Maya 2016 (the industry's standard 3D modeling tool) Introduction to Substance Painter 2 (the industry's leading 3D texturing tool) How to design amazing 3D models to professional industry standards Importing and viewing your models in a 3D environment Requirements: A laptop or computer compatible with Autodesk Maya 2016 and Substance Painter 2. Please install both programs (Maya 2016 and Substance Painter 2) before attending the weekend workshop (refer to the Autodesk Maya 2016 website for minimum computer requirements)  Both Autodesk Maya 2016 and Substance Painter 2 offer free student versions we may use for the purpose of this course. Follow this video: for Maya 2016 and this link for Substance Painter 2: under the heading "Students & Teachers".  A mouse for your computer *NOTE, we have extra computers! If you do not have a computer that meets the requirements for Maya and Substance Painter, please email with the subject headline "Extra Computer" and we can supply you one! Weekend Schedule: Instructor: Academy of VR’s leading 3D Art instructor Brenton Smith has worked on films including Guardians of the Galaxy, Assassins Creed, the Lego Movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and the Great Gatsby. He had over 4 years of teaching experience in the Advanced Game Development stream at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment before beginning with Academy of VR. Sponsors: FAQs Who should attend? Anyone interested in learning 3D modeling and creating 3D artwork. This course is perfect for many levels from beginners new to 3D modeling to people looking to learn how to create 3D models optimized specifically for the game industry.  What should I bring to the event? Your laptop or computer with Autodesk Maya 2016 and Substance Painter 2 installed. Instructions for installing the latest version of each program can be found under the Requirements section above. Student versions of Maya 2016 and Substance Painter 2 are free on 3 year and 1 year licences respectively. If you need a computer for the workshop, please email with the headline "Extra Computer" and we can supply you one! Do I need experience with 3D modeling, Maya 2016 or Substance Painter 2 before taking this workshop? Nope! This is an introductory level workshop, we will go over basic 3D modeling concepts, resources and how to get the most out of Autodesk Maya, the ultimate 3D modeling tool. Why VR? Forbes quotes VR being a $20 billion dollar market by 2020 that will revolutionize industries including entertainment, education, healthcare, construction and commerce and new VR job postings we’re up over 800% last year. Companies like Facebook, Google and Unity plus game studios like Cloudhead Games and Archiact are currently hiring people who understand how to develop experiences for VR.  Do I get a VR headset with this course?  Yes! We will provide everyone who signs up with a FREE Google Cardboard to work with for the day and take home. Where can I contact the organizer with any questions? Contact us with questions anytime at What food will be provided? will be providing a catered dinner on Saturday and snacks throughout the weekend. Please bring your own meals or money to purchase food for the other meals. If you have dietary restrictions, email and we will make sure we get meals you can eat!  Can we follow up after the course? Yes! Academy of VR would love to hear from you and help answer any questions you may have. Similarly, we will be offering future workshops and online courses that dive deeper into 3D modeling and VR development on platforms like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Stay tuned to for details. What can you do after taking this course? Our experienced group of instructors are going bring you quickly up to speed on the industry's best practices for creating 3D models using Maya. You will have a grasp on the foundational skills needed to develop 3D artwork and can begin bringing your own ideas to life in this new medium. For more advanced topics, there are resources available which we will direct you towards.  Is there an age limit? Nope! The only requirement is that you are interested in learning to create 3D models. Why the price $ for the workshop? We have to cover the costs of the venue and are providing meals throughout the workshop. We're working to bring you amazing instructors which we have to incorporate into the cost of the event. The price for a 4 week, 12 hour course in Seattle is over $800 and many in person live training courses cost over $1000. We're offering a much higher amount of training for less then a 1/4 of the price!   What if I'm not happy with my workshop experience? If you're not overly satisfied with your experience at the workshop we will happily refund you 100% of your ticket price. Contact at anytime and we will issue a full refund through Eventbrite. Do you offer any other courses in VR development? We are offering future workshops in both 3D modeling and programming that dive deeper into VR development on platforms like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive signup for our mailing list at for info!
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University of Calgary
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Calgary Land For Sale Effective Directions for Customers Regarding How and Where to Find the Best Houses For Sale In Calgary

Calgary has been a famous and developed city in Canada where people live in their own lifestyles and cultures. Most people around Canada are willing to buy well constructed homes for their families in their favorite locations and communities. So, they always find the best and more supportive listings from MLS Calgary regarding how and where to find top quality homes for sale in the city. You can choose the homes for sale in Calgary in all five directions, South, North, East, West and Downtown Calgary. All these locations 100% fit to ample of lifestyles and cultures the indigenous of Canada usually have. Here, the best directions have been shared with those who are seeking for the homes with luxury and ideal construction to live in Calgary.
Visit Online Real Estate Firms:
Internet makes everyone easy and facilitated to find what he does not see clearly or has no idea about that. Secondly, when you make your online research for real estate firms limited like just within Calgary, then the results will be more effective and up to your expectations. Here, you should focus only those real estate companies that have been serving humanity for a long time by legal manners and professional ways. Sure, is one of such real estate firms that have a lot of things for the people wanting homes in Calgary to live in. This Calgary Real Estate firm also offers its website to customers for reading testimonials, offers and listen the latest news about luxurious homes in Calgary for sale.
Get Registered Properly:
In fact, no one can reserve a budget or finance to buy the homes until he does not watch the home for sale in Calgary and go to market statistics for knowing what cost that house has. Surely, when you come to for viewing the list of Houses For Sale In Calgary, then you should make this site a default and make it bookmark in your browser, as this will serve you whenever you need its help. Secondly, when you get properly registered with this real estate firm in Calgary, then you will also get latest listings and offers of the homes, condos, commercial property, agricultural land and workstations for sale throughout Calgary.
Activate Alerts and Listings:
When you have done your registration with, then at the same time you should activate the alert that will knock you immediately whenever a new home or properly will come for sale. This real estate firm has a professional consultant team and experts who let you know which home may fit your choice and keep you happy. Secondly, you can also find the MLS Listings Calgary about the homes for sale in your ideal locations in this city.
Compare All Offers & Pick That Suit You:
If you have collected the data and offers of homes for sale in this city with help of MLS Real Estate Calgary, then you should compare all these houses on sale on grounds of construction, structural design, main architecture, size, location, facilities and furnishings in the homes. These factors will let you know which one is more advance and nicely built. After that, you should also compare the prices of all homes and move on which you feel affordable for yourself.

Find more information relating to MLS Calgary, and Calgary Real Estate here.

Condo is nothing but a legal term used in United States of America and especially in the provinces of Canada. It is called as condominium or simply condo is the pattern of lodgings tenure and other genuine property where a specified part of a part of real estate property. These are usually a series of apartments or individually owned houses. These series of houses can have common access to elevators, halls, club houses and other exterior rooms. These areas are provided with a legal ownership and controlled by the association of proprietors that jointly represent ownership of the whole piece.

Now-a-days, many varieties of condos are being constructed with different options for decoration. Especially the condos for sale Calgary are very famous for the living space they have to offer to its inmates. These are available at a reasonable price, making it possible for people from every class to invest in a condo. The new Calgary townhomes have situation, covenants, and limits, and often additional directions that govern how the individual unit owners are to share the space.

A condominium at Calgary is an assemblage of one-by-one home flats and widespread localities along with the land upon which they sit. Luxury suites and condos are fundamentally the identical in that most have adjacent to partitions and common localities to include garages. Both could be security flats with a gated entry. Some of them even have recreation facilities for kids.

There are many condos for sale downtown Calgary as well. The communities offer a full range of houses for individuals as well as multiple family town homes. You can find homes according to your requirement and budget. From luxurious homes to basic apartments, downtown Calgary has so much to offer. These ventures provide an option of housing to many people residing at downtown Calgary.

Condos at Calgary are constructed for genuine life in peak communities. Public transport runs through downtown Calgary and strikes all four quadrants of the town. With numerous building tasks constructed all through downtown Calgary, you can glimpse how desirable the downtown centre will be in the future.

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Foreclosures Calgary Calgary Foreclosures: Why They May Be The Best Deal Which You Have Seen

The sad fact is that a great number of individuals in Calgary have probably been laid off of their jobs, as in a number of other areas, thanks to the poor economy. Since persons can not make their home payments absent having a job to make money at, this translates to a high number of Calgary foreclosures. The good news for you the reader lies in the fact that you may obtain some terrific bargains on buying houses in Calgary.

The first thing to consider when looking at a foreclosed home in Calgary is the neighborhood that it is in. If the home is being purchased to either live in, or to resell, you will want to make sure that the Calgary neighborhood is a good one. Talk to the neighbors to see how much crime occurs in the area. If it is quite a bit, you will not want to purchase that particular home in that area.

Also check for the personalities of the neighbors that are around the home in Calgary. You will want to make sure that you can get along great with the neighbors in your area – you don’t want to have mean or annoying neighbors. This can make the Canadian home difficult to live in, as well as make it really difficult to sell.

You should try every time to have a visual inspection performed on any home in Calgary which you are considering buying, in advance of so doing. In such a way, you will understand exactly how much money that you will need to pour in to improvements to the house in order to make the place livable, as well as pleasant in appearance.

Some Calgary homes require having work done on them (and wouldn’t you rather understand precisely how much cash you will have to throw into the house in advance of buying it?), though not all of them need this. You should always strive to have a grasp on what work and how much of it has to be completed on the house before you buy it.

Whether you determine to resell or occupy the Calgary foreclosure which you purchase, many of the same decisions will need to be made. If you are unable to buy a property out right, you can always obtain a mortgage to assist in completing the acquisition of the foreclosure property which you have chosen. Whether you are purchasing one home or several, it is important to be sure that you are getting the best interest rate on the mortgage(s) which you obtain to facilitate your purchase.

You can purchase several resell homes by going from one to another buying one property, then selling it and taking the profits to purchase another foreclosed property, and then repeat the process. The use of the profits realized on a sale of a foreclosed property is up to you, even if you decide not to acquire multiple properties. You may want to diversify you investments by using profits from the sale of a foreclosed house you purchase to go into the stock market or buy a new car.

foreclosures in calgary are out there if you’re looking to invest in real estate. Jack shows you what to look for in calgary foreclosure sales at his blog.

Currently, Canadian investors are scrambling about so, they can take advantage of the current real estate market. More homes than ever are in the throws of repossession which is wonderful for investors. However, it is important for people to know the truth about foreclosures in Calgary. When they know the truth, they are better able to make the most out of their investment opportunities.

First, it is important for investors to know that only five percent of the properties that are in default actually get listed with a realtor. That means that most estate agents cannot actually help an investor find this kind of property. However, most people try to use that route when looking for investment property. Most times, they are not able to find what they are looking for with an investment. They get discouraged and assume that there are not any homes available, when in reality they are just looking in the wrong place.

It is also important for investors to know that foreclosures in Calgary can be purchased for up to thirty percent below the market value. That is what makes these properties such a good investment. When they are purchased for a low rate, it is incredibly easy to turn a profit. They can still be resold below the market value in order to find a buyer quickly and a profit will still be made.

Investors need to realize that a lot of money can be made on these properties. Investors can purchase as many properties as they want so, they can make all of the money they desire. With the current state of the market people can actually get wealthy this way. Investors that purchase several properties can make a lot of money in a very short period of time.

People do not have to have good credit to purchase foreclosures in Calgary. They do not have to have an investment portfolio built up in order to take advantage of the investment opportunity. In fact, as long as people have two major credit cards, they are able to take advantage of the opportunities that are currently available. There are methods that investors can use that are not reliant on their credit so, everyone is able to participate in this method of investing.

It is also important to understand that these properties can be obtained in a quick and easy fashion. Motivated sellers are ready to get rid of their property so, they will sell quickly. Also, since the property is being purchased below the market value it can be sold faster. A situation is created where everyone wins.

Foreclosures Canada knows the inside secrets about foreclosures in Calgary. They help investors with their inside information and lists of available properties. They have years of experience in the market and they teach classes and have a database full of information for their clients. They are able to guide their clients through the necessary steps in order to make these types of investments. For more information, visit them online at

Years before I got involved with real estate I knew I wanted to be an investor. Even as a little kid I knew somehow I wasn’t going to be working for a living at least not in the traditional sense. For more information on foreclosures in Calgary visit .